Ticket To A Bigger Penis : Pills Or Exercises?


If you are an average man with an average sized penis, you probably, at one time or another, thought about increasing your penis size. Nothing wrong with that because a bigger penis is not only more attractive to your partner, it is also a big boost to a man's ego, for obvious reasons.
The difficult part is deciding which penis enlarging product to go for : penis enlarging pills or penis exercises? In this short article, we will explore the pros and cons of these two so-called penis enlarging methods so that you can decide for yourself what to go for.
1) Penis Enlarging Exercises (Jelqing)
Penis enlarging exercises go back centuries to ancient Arabia. Men about to get married often practise penis enlargement exercises called Jelqing. This queer exercise involve massaging the penis for about 45 minutes. The technique is NOT masterbation as some people seem to think. It is more of a stretching exercise.
Pros : Penis enlarging exercises can increase the length and girth of a penis if done correctly. In jelqing, the pulling and stretching of the penis act as "traction forces", just like in orthopaedic surgery. These exercises are believed to cause cell expansion in the penile tissues which will result in a bigger and meatier penis. The result is often permanent.
Cons : Jelqing exercises can damage your penis tissues if you apply too much pressure on it. Too much of anything is no good and so it is with these penis enlarging exercises. A very common disorder is temporary erection damage as blood vessels around the penis are damaged. This could out you off sex for several months, if serious.
2) Penis Enlarging Pills
Penis enlarging pills are popular among men because it is easy and convenient. Can anything be easier than popping a few pills daily? Penis pills are usually made of herbal aphrodiacs who are known to increase a man's libido and erectile strength. The better known ones are safe and effective and also come with money back guarantees.
Pros : Penis enlarging pills, at least the better quality ones, tend to be made of safe but powerful male aphrodisiacs. These herbs can help increase blood flow to the penis tissues causing the penis to look bigger during erection. Most of these penis pills also can increase a man's semen and sperm production and erection hardness too.
Cons : Some penis pills contain banned or dangerous substances so you must be careful when buying them. And if you are looking for a permanent increase in penis length and girth, then be prepared to be disappointed. Why? Because penis enlarging pills, by themselves, cannot enlarge a penis permanently. Yes, it can assist in the enlargement process by increasing blood flow to the penis tissues but that will not result in a permanent enlargement, not by a long shot.
So, there you have it, the pros and cons of using penis pills vs penis exercises. But having read all that, which one should you go for? Read on...
If you really want to enlarge your penis permanently in the fastest way possible plus get the benefits of better, harder erections, then it is ideal to combine penis enlarging pills with an exercise routine. This route is proven and many men have benefited from them.

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