Penis Philosophy

The man's sexual (and excretory) organ, the penis, is not as simple as it may appear. One should know all about his penis, and connected sexual organs, as it plays, in one way or another, an important part in every man's life.

The Penis Size

A general statement must be made that the size of a man's penis is NOT the sign of his virility or his skill as a sexual partner. This is a long-standing myth.

What is important is a man's skill and experience as a lover. It is true a small size penis can be a problem however, but in the general overall statistics of men's anatomy, most penises' sizes fall into the average range.

Component Parts of the Penis

The head of the penis is called the Glans. It is packed with nerve endings and is highly sensitive to touch and stimulation. Uncircumcised men have a foreskin (called a Prepuce) covering the Glans, and this retracts during a man's erection.

Just underneath the Glans is the Frenulum. This is small folds of skin in between the Glans and on the underside of the main shaft of the penis. The Frenulum is also highly sensitive to touch, and can act as a trigger to ejaculation.

The shaft of the penis is just below the Frenulum, and is also on the underside of the penis. It is, like the Glans and Frenulum, highly sensitive to touch, and reacts to stroking.

The Penis Internally

Inside the penis is a tube called the Urethra. This carries both urine and spermatic fluid during ejaculation. The urethra is in turn connected to the both the bladder and the Vas Deferens, and the Seminal Vesciles.

The Erected Penis

Inside the penis is a very complex network of vessels that fill up (engorge) with blood when a man is aroused, and this causes the penis to swell and finally stiffen.

This process depends on many elements, being both a chemical and mental process. Difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection is called Erectile Dysfunction. Difficulty in losing an erection is a condition called priapismatism.

The Importance of the Prostate Gland to the Penis

The prostate gland is a walnut sized gland that is situated between the bladder and connects to the seminal vesicle and urethra, acts as a value to allow urine to pass during urination and sperm and fluid to pass during ejaculation.

The prostate gland can be stimulated manually from the anus, and when so stimulated causes great sexual arousal and often instant ejaculation. A healthy prostate is very important to the proper function of the penis.

The Penis and Personal Hygiene

The penis, as all the body, should be kept clean, and not merely be cleaned. This means washing the penis after each urination if possible and certainly before and after sexual experiences.

If a man is uncircumcised, the area underneath the foreskin will produce a nasty substance called smegma. This resembles rotten cottage cheese and must not be allowed to form or to and accumulate. Daily washing with care to this area will insure a clean and healthy penis.

The Testicles

Part of the man's sexual organs, they are not directly connected to the penis, but indirectly. They are however, also highly sensitive and react to gentle stimulation only. As the testicles are the producers of both sperm and testosterone, they must be protected at all times. Tight men's underwear tends to keep the testicle's temperature higher than normal, and may then affect their purpose.