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It’s hard enough to be getting older, but when I started getting older in bed, I’d had enough. Earlier, I’d fought a battle with my receding hairline, using what seemed like every recommended product on the market, and none of them worked. When I started having problems getting erect, I was afraid it would be the same thing all over again. What if it was all just a lot of hype? I didn’t want to waste my time and money on some erection pill that didn’t deliver the goods.

Why I Chose these pills For the Male Extra Review

So I did some research on the various penis enhancement products available. I found Male Extra. It’s a newer product, and claims to be more effective in enhancing erections than a lot of the others. I read about them and they sounded genuine, complete with medical testimonials. It seemed like they all promised about the same results in increasing size, but that wasn’t what I was really interested in. I wanted something that would make me harder, harder longer, and give me more sexual stamina. Male Extra seemed to be the pill that had the edge in that area, getting five stars on some of the review sites I looked at. Apparently, they have a new, patented formula based on pomegranate, with additional herbal ingredients. I’m a skeptic, so I checked for its health and sex effects out on the web. Apparently, pomegranate has been known for ages as a cure for impotence and enhancing sexual performance. Who knew?
And it wasn’t just some pill you take every day, but a combination of the Male Extra pills and special exercises. That got my attention, because I think it’s never just as easy as taking a pill. The Male Extra product package includes a DVD with a set of simple exercises that strengthen your penis, and the Male Extra pills enhance the effects of the exercises. It just made sense to me. But unlike some of the more dubious supplements used by athletes and body builders, Male Extra pills use natural ingredients. Hey, I thought, I could be the Barry Bonds of the bedroom, without the risk! The worst that could happen was I would be taking an herbal supplement with ingredients known to be good for your heart, among other things.
But I wasn’t disappointed. After a very short time, I started getting harder, better erections, and I had stamina and real staying power again. My wife commented that I had to be doing something right, because our sex was better than it had been in years. I told her it was a new herbal supplement I was taking, and she said “Well keep taking it!”

The best part of the Male Extra Review

And you want to know what’s the funniest part? Just because I was curious, I measured my penis for a “before and after,” taking Male Extra and found it had actually grown! I wasn’t even concerned with that, but I got the benefit of it anyway. I would recommend Male Extra to anyone looking to enhance their sexual performance.


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Male Extra

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Male Extra
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7 thoughts on “Male Extra Review

  1. Malextra Fan

    Is it true Porn Stars use Malextra? does anyone know industry insiders to back this up? please let me know. from what i've heard, it won’t work as quick as Viagra, but in the long term the results are much better, and natural. if true I want to try it myself.

  2. Pat B

    Post author

    I was very skeptical about male extra.after seeing so many comments about men having good luck with it I decided to try for myself

    I must say I am glad I did. only after 2 months my penis measures 3/4 inches longer and just under 1/2 inche wider. I am so more confident too. My girl has noticed too and I never said a thing!

    -Pat B.

  3. Darren N.

    Post author

    Unbelievable Product! I was going back and forth deciding weather or not to buy this stuff and one night...after a few beers ,I took the plunge. I am happy to say that WOW this shit works! My wife loves the fact of how hard I get (it really turns her on),not to mention it gives me crazy stamina so I can have multiple orgasms for the first time in my life!What a huge difference

  4. Cessna Lover

    It’s only been a little over a week and I can notice my erections are way harder,easier to get and stay as long as needed. Before taking these pills I lost erections during sex (even before I came!)with the male extra pills, sex is better and I am rock hard like when I was young.

  5. Johnny Rock

    the best part about maleextra?it gave me the confidence to face women again. I had gone through a patch thinking I had no stamina, no size, and started taking these pills, and now I’m as hard as ever and can go on for hours! It’s a truly remarkable product

  6. prettyinpink

    Post author

    Matt And James..

    I bought Male Extra for my husband and it really has has increased size and his performance overall. Sadly I would call him the minute man to my friends but now I am lucky if he comes within 15 minutes. I must say he has shown a ton of improvement.Thank You for the recommendation

    -A. Silver

  7. ws6

    Post author

    Ok I was wrong about these pills it took a little longer than I expected, but I just measured growth of 7/8 inches length and .1/2 inch girth. I will be ordering again.

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