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Penis Exercise Warm up VideoPenis Exercise Warm up Video

Warm Up Procedure for Jelquing Exercises.

Penis Exercise Warm up Video Steps

Steps Instructions:

1. Soak a soft, absorbent cloth in hot water. Squeeze out any dripping/excess liquid. Touch the cloth to skin near your penis to ensure it’s not TOO hot.

2. Massage your penis to a 50% erect state.

3. Wrap the cloth around the entire length of your penis, including the head.

4. Hold the cloth on your penis for 4-5 minutes to let it absorb the heat and relax the tissues.

5. Remove the cloth from your penis. 6. Use a dry soft face/bath towel to dry off your penis completely.

Penis Exercise Warm up Video Tips:

Make Sure you warm up before starting any jelquing exercise. just like working out or running a warm up is essential to success.

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Enjoy our library of Penis Exercise Videos and we wish you the best success to your program. Remember the key to succedding with these exercises is consistancy. stick with it and get some BIG GAINS! Thank You for visiting the Penis Exercise Warm up Video