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Does the X4 Work?

Penis Extenders have come and gone in the Penis Enlargement Market, Here at Penis Enlargement Blog .com With Help from our avid readers we give you  the X4 Extender Review. Here are some Reviews and Opinions of the X4 Extender. Hello, Matt G. here again with the ins and outs about the X4 Extender Review...Does the X4  Live up to Mine, the Readers...and Mostly your Expectations?


Penis Enlargement is really becoming a "thing to do" these days but what Extender is right for you?After trying the SizeGenetics for 6 months with Positive Results we look at the X4 .How does the x4 Extender Compare to otherson the market? The X4 Extender Review....Does it work?

What stands out about the X4 is the Starter Package.The X4 Extender can be Purchased for as Little as $124.95 with promo code DISC75 in a Starter Package. That in itself Makes the X4 an Extender to add to your want list. Although it is not as a comprehensive package as the SizeGenetics, to start the X4 Extender Review I ordered the Starter Package to see exactly what was included and how it relates to Sizegenetics. At first Glance on my X4 Extender Review I was Plesantly Suprised... The X4 was very well built ,and also came with a Comfort strap Similar to the Sizegenetics. However the Starter Package was not as complete as the SG,but was less than half the cost! They were very close to eachother in design and I must say for the price this extender was nothing short of amazing. In order to give everyone an honest X4 Extender Review I decided to try the X4 for 1 Week to see what would happen(remeber I just finished a six month go with the Sizegenetics So I wasnt really up for Another long trial).I must say the comfort was as good if not exactly the same as the SG. Although The SG offered a much more comprehensive program the X4 was definetly worth purchasing for someone who is on a budget. You get a High Quality Extender for half the cost..what a deal! I Contacted X4 Labs told them of Penis Enlargement Blog and My X4 Extender Review,I asked them why would promote such a discount offer? The response was that it was just a temporary promotion to move some overstocked Product. I must say If  you are considering buying an Extender and are on a tight budget You will want to hurry up and get in on this Deal And Save yourself $75.... Also While Speaking with them They Agreed to Ship me the "X4 Extender Gold Premium" Product for a test trial to see what I thought....I must say although pricey it put the SizeGenetics Package to shame! The Gold Plated Extender was absolutly Beutiful..and Corrosion Resistant. They Also say it helps For People with sensitive skin..It was amazing how complete this system was... here is what was included:

X4 Extender Review Premium Package

  • Gold X4  Extender

  • Exclusive 3 in 1 Hybrid System Complete with Silicone Harness, Comfort Strap , and  Loop Fastening Device

  • X4 Labs Exclusive Girth Max Base

  • (2) Specifically Calibrated 2100 gr Tension Springs
  • (4) Silicone Harnesses

  • (4) Exclusive Custom “Comfort Straps"
  • (4) Loop Fastening System
  • (4)  Foam Comfort Pads
  • (4)  Foam Silicone Harness

  • (8) Cleaning Pads
  • ½, 1, 2 and 3 inch Gold Extensions
  • Lots of  Spare Parts & Gold Extensions
  • Impressive Mahogany Storage Case that has a Velvet Interior

  • Instructional Exercise Videos  & Full Tutorials on CD-ROM
  • Men’s Health & Penis Exercises E Book
  • X4 Extender Cleansing Solution

  • X4  Training Lube
  • X4 Stud-100 with Lidocaine Desensitising Spray
  • No Charge Membership for PenisAccess.com
  • $50.00 X4 Gift Card

  • Better Sex Position Video
  • Better Sex Sensual Position Video
  • InstructionManual

  • 100% Lifetime Warranty
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping!
  • When I Revieved and opened the Gold package I was blown away.... I mean for the price I would expect nothing less...But this was the motherlode of Penis Enlargement! For those who want and expect the best, The Gold X4 Extender Package is for you!

    The X4 Labs Guarantee

    X4 Labs Penis Extender Comes With an Impressive 6 Month Growth guarantee. This Guarantee insures you will have time to perform your own X4 Extender Review and see the results you expect.. or  simply return for a full refund no questions asked. This is a rare type of guarantee in the Penis Enlargement Industry.

    X4 Extender Review Results

    The X4 Labs Penis Extender is a permenant method for Penis Enlargement. You can be Confident in Knowing the Results you Recieve with the X4 Labs Extender will stay with you even after you decide to not wear the extender any longer. These results will add more confidence and definetly add some fire to your sex life. The X4 is a clinically Proven Penis Enlargement Device that has been tested through reaserch and real trials.

    X4 Extender Review Conclusion

    X4 Extender Review ....In the end The X4 Penis Extender shines through with its ability to offer the Starter package. This is a quality Penis Extender built to last. The X4 Labs Extender has really won us over and the votes of our readers because of the high quality,Clinically proven results and best of all the Price! X4 Labs is definetly our number 2 choice behind SizeGenetics only because SizeGenetics is such a complete an comprehensive package Unless going with the Gold Package, But for the Money if you want all the extras  We still Believe the SizeGenetics is the Best Bang for the Buck!Either way The X4 Extender is a sure winner that will provide the gains you are searching for.


    We hope you Found the X4 Extender Review Answered your Questions.

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    8 thoughts on “X4 Extender Review

    1. Victor M. "Scorpion"

      Ladies Man...Good Luck to you Hope You did! Have to let us know the results!I bought the X4 3 weeks ago and have noticed small gains..Hope to get up to the inch mark like you!

    2. ladies man

      My dick has grown an inch in size and I have so much more confident when I talk to women at the clubs.Next week my buddies and I are going to vegas cant wait to see if I hook up

    3. El Camino

      Thanks for the x4 extender Review! After Alot of thought I ended up purchasing the x4 and have been using it for 2 1/2 months now and its awesome. First few days it took some time to get used to, but once I got used to it, Icouldn’t tell it was even there. I have gained almost 3/4". I am happy I finally bought it

    4. Henry G.

      I have tried all types of enlargement from hanging weights to pills and even exercices but out of them all, the x4 has brought me the fastest and biggest results . I gained 1″ since I started 6 weeks ago.I must say that being with a woman now is a whole new experience!

    5. G. Shields

      thanks for the x4 extender review Matt!I got mine 2 weeks ago and I wear it 6 to 8 hours every day. so far I have gained some girth and 1/8″ flaccid and errect length.also my hard on is getting stronger and my cock looks swollen when erect. how many hours did you wear it to start?

    6. les paul

      I almost did not buy the x4 because of doubts. I will say after 3 weeks I am so happy I did.I get harder and am thicker and longer too.The best part is my Girlfriend noticed and she doesent even know I have this thing!

    7. Phlebotomist

      x4 has made my dreams possible–think I am exaggerating? after 2 months, one and a quarter inch longer and noticable increase in girth – this is the real deal!

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