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Using exercises to enlarge your penis is a great way to make it bigger. There are a lot of great techniques and methods that will help you gain permanent size. So, what I'm going to do is share with you 3 exercises to enlarge your penis.

That way, you will have a longer and thicker penis that your woman will love.

The exercises to enlarge your penis are:

1. Hanging towel method. This is one exercise that will help make you bigger. The hanging towel method will help make your penis thicker and will help you last longer in bed. It will also help you have harder erections.

The steps to doing the towel hanging method are:

 You will need to  have a full erection to do this exercise . Now place a small light towel over your penis. Make sure it covers the entire penis. When you've placed the towel on your penis, you will know need to tense your penis.

This will make it 'bob' up and down (or move up and down). Tensing your penis so that it goes up and down is one repetition. You will need to do 25 repetitions every other day for a few weeks. If you feel like you can do more than 25, then do as many as you can.

You will start to notice a few things after doing the hanging towel method. You will notice that your erections are harder. Your penis will look and feel heavier. You will also notice that your penis is longer and thicker because of this exercise.

2. Length extender. This is one of the best exercises to enlarge your penis. The length extender will  make you longer. So, if you want to longer penis, be sure to do this.

3. Jelqing technique. Using the jelqing technique will help you gain size to your penis. It will help you have a thicker and longer penis. Make sure you do this exercise every day for a few weeks.

Each of these exercises work and are very effective. The reason they work is because it helps force more blood to enter your penis. This is why you can easily gain a few inches to your penis by using the exercises. It won't cause any damage to you at all. It's one reason why using exercises is one of the best ways to enlarge your penis.

These are some exercises to enlarge your penis. If you really want to increase the size of your penis, be sure to use the exercises above. It will definitely help make you bigger, which your woman will love.