How To Make Your Penis Bigger By Using Penis Exercises- Get A Bigger Penis Now

There is a raging debate about whether or not the size of your male member breaks or makes your sex life. A proven fact is that having a penis that is larger than average will make your confidence higher and boost your performance sexually. Continue reading to learn about the four penis exercises if you would like to make your penis bigger.

If you do these exercises for an extended period of time, they can help your penis become bigger. Your penis will become bigger in length and width with these exercises.

The four techniques used for getting a bigger penis are:

1. If you wrap your index finger and thumb around your semi-erect penis and move your hand to make forward motions which will pump blood into the organ is called 'jelqing.' Before and after doing this exercise you should apply a hot compress to your genitals.

2. Tie a shoe string or use a penis ring around the base of your penis while you gently stroke it. This is another technique that can assist you in increasing your penis size known as 'clamping'.

3.  Penis extenders help with 'stretching' and are available commercially. This constant rubbing on the penis that stretching provides helps it grow.

4.  The final penis exercise is a great technique that will help you make your penis thicker and longer.  The exercise is known as hanging towel method.  All you have to do is get a full erection and place a small light towel over your penis.

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