All The Dope On The Premature Ejaculation Pill

The new premature ejaculation pill – as yet unnamed – was a product of Enhance Biotech and had been successfully tested on males in the 20-50 years age group. If the final trials also prove successful, the new pill will apparently be available in the market in 2007.

So that's good news for the future. For the present, however, the best premature ejaculation pills are selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) antidepressants, which can delay orgasm view website. Now this may be a negative side effect for some, but is obviously extremely positive for premature ejaculators.

Duncan Mallory, an insurance executive from New York in his mid-40s and a lifelong premature ejaculator, accidentally stumbled upon the benefits of antidepressants when it came to premature ejaculation. "My doctor had prescribed these pills when I was diagnosed with clinical depression three years ago, but I discovered in about six months that they were a big help when it came to sex," he says.

The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has developed a premature ejaculation pill called Dapoxetine, which is a fast-acting SSRI. However, Dapoxetine has not received approval from any regulatory authority in the world because some studies have theorized that some of its effects may simply be the result of a reduced libido and blood pressure parallel to lower levels of anxiety.

So how does a premature ejaculation pill work, exactly? According to most medical experts, premature ejaculation is a by-product of certain chemical processes in the brain. To put it in basic terms, ejaculation occurs when the body achieves a balance between serotonin and dopamine. What a drug like Dapoxetine does is increase the serotonin levels in the brain so the right balance is achieved.

In September 2006, a report was published in the British medical journal Lancet about a clinical trial involving Dapoxetine. During this trial, researchers at the University of Minnesota chose a group of about 2,600 men who suffered from intensive premature ejaculation. Medically speaking, this meant that they took from zero to two minutes to ejaculate during sex.

These men were administered Dapoxetine about two hours before they had sex, and they reported a three- to fourfold increase in performance time. In other words, compared with men who took a placebo and experienced an average of 1.75 minutes of intercourse, the men who took 30 mg of Dapoxetine averaged nearly three minutes, and those taking a 60 mg dose lasted an average of nearly three-and-a-half minutes. Naturally, the men also reported that their partners were more satisfied, and they themselves reportedly felt they had more control over their ejaculation.

Currently, the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is considering an appeal to approve Dapoxetine as a prescription premature ejaculation pill. If the FDA does grant approval, dapoxetine hydrochloride will become the first prescription drug for the treatment of premature ejaculation, because antidepressants, while prescribed by many doctors to treat premature ejaculation, aren't haven't received FDA approval.

So though your doctor may recommend sertraline (trade name Zoloft), paroxetine (trade name Paxil, Paxil CR) or fluoxetine (trade name Prozac, Prozac Weekly, Serafem), Dapoxetine will be the first drug that can truly be called a premature ejaculation pill.

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