The Private Matters of Premature Ejaculation

You're not likely to hear talk of it around the company water-cooler, because guys just don't feel comfortable openly talking about these things with other guys. But premature ejaculation afflicts more men than any other sexual problem does.

The penis contains very sensitive nerves and veins. Normally when the penis is stimulated, blood rushes into the veins within the penis and this results in the stiffening or erection of the penis. Seminal expulsion or ejaculations are controlled by the pelvic muscle and this muscle is used to propel semen and seminal fluids through the urethra and out of the end of the penis. Premature ejaculation occurs when the pelvic muscle has become weakened and the man is prevented from controlling his ejaculations to a point that is satisfying both physically and emotionally to him and his partner go to my site. Because such problems aren't often discussed among men, sufferers tend to feel isolated, weak, and inadequate at satisfying their partner.

Unfortunately too, there has existed the absurd misconception that premature ejaculation is somehow a measurement of a man's masculinity. Such a stereotype only serves to isolate sufferers with feelings of inadequacy, shame, etc. and also to discourage them from discussing these issues with their doctor. Helping men to understand that this problem affects many men and also making it socially acceptable to discuss more than just the latest football scores, will go a long ways towards encouraging men to seek the help of a medical professional when needed.

Most men will experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime. This isn't any thing to worry about unless it becomes a routine occurrence. There are many things that can lead to a problem with controlling ejaculations. If you are suffering from premature ejaculations, you should consult your family doctor to further discuss all of the possible causes that may be affecting your ability to control ejaculations and to rule out more serious medical conditions that may be causing the problem.

Researchers have found a genetic link to premature ejaculations in men whose Father's and Grandfather's also experienced premature ejaculations. Further research has also led to the discovery that among the men that suffer from premature ejaculations there is often a heightened-response to stimulation of the penis by super-sensitive nerve-endings in the penis, combined with weakened muscle control. Doctors have found that anti-anxiety medications and muscle-strengthening exercises, such as Kegel's have helped many men to achieve more control over their ejaculations. Kegel's strengthens the pelvic muscle and Kegel exercises are achieved through the sudden stopping of urinary flow.

Stress can also lead to a man reaching the finish line-just out of the gate. Worry about finances, job security, performance anxiety, and communication problems within the relationship can all lead to premature ejaculation. Depression can affect ejaculation control. Stress, anxiety, and depression can lead to other sexual problems as well, including the inability to achieve or maintain erections. If you believe that stress or depression is at the root of your problem: it is highly recommended that you speak with a professional who can help you learn ways to combat these feelings so they don't affect you in the bedroom.

Sometimes even just the anticipation of a sexual encounter can be over-stimulating to the penis and will lead to an ejaculation just after beginning intercourse. This can be especially true when the sexual encounter is with a new partner, or a different sexual position is being tried for the first time. To relieve this anticipatory stress experts suggest that men: masturbate to orgasm, either alone, or with their partner first, and then stimulate the penis until another erection is achieved, prior to engaging in intercourse.

There are medical conditions such as prostate infections and cancers that can cause premature ejaculations. This is why it is vital for you to make an appointment with your family doctor if you are suddenly experiencing ejaculatory -control problems, to rule out these very serious conditions. Over the counter medications commonly used for cold and flu symptoms can also lead to premature ejaculations. These OTC, medications can lead to a temporary inability to feel pleasurable sensations, while at the same time intensifying the urge to ejaculate, which results in an overall less-enjoyable sexual encounter for both you and your partner.

Men who are having a problem with premature ejaculations shouldn't be discouraged as almost all incidences of premature ejaculation can either be cured, or hugely controlled with the proper use of anti-anxiety medications, exercises to build the strength of the pelvic muscle, and even emotional health therapies. The exact course of treatment needed to control or cure ejaculation control issues will vary among different individuals and the extent of regained control will also vary among individuals and is also very much dependant upon the underlying of the problem.

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