How to Stop Premature Ejaculation – Yes You Can Stop it Easily

The figures may amaze you that more than a quarter of men across the world, premature ejaculation is a troublesome and awkward condition. The causes for premature ejaculation can be both; biological and mental. If you want to learn how to stop premature ejaculation, the general advices given below might be helpful as a comprehensive approach to overcome such an embarrassing situation:-

Tip 1: Go for some regular exercises: A healthy body can undoubtedly function better, so simple thing to adopt is regular exercising that helps in increasing cardiovascular health and improve the blood flow. If you have a healthy physique then it may help you with some mental aspects that might contribute premature ejaculation. This is due to the properties of increasing the self-confidence and self-esteem.

Tip 2: Breathe well and full: Any of the body organs require full energy to perform its task and so this goes true in case of reproductive organs! When you breathe in fully and efficiently, the organ gets rejuvenated and nurtured. Breathing techniques such as pranayama is said to help in learning how to stop premature ejaculation. After insertion of an organ too, you just try to breathe fully so that the body feels the sensations before you start moving and have friction.

Tip 3: Involve your sexual partner with full zeal: Sexual satisfaction is all about the event wherein both of the partners are fully satisfied. In order to learn how to stop premature ejaculation, it is better that you consult your sexual partner. They can help you overcoming this embarrassing problem. whenever you feel that you are coming early, say ‘stop’ and cease all those sexual activities. This helps in stopping premature ejaculation.

Tip 4: Practice meditation to control sexual urges and early coming: Controlling the sexual urges and early coming itself means that you are on the way to learn how to stop premature ejaculation. Deep breathing and meditation exercise helps in increasing the overall control.

Tip 5: Try Kegel exercises: In order to learn how to stop premature ejaculation, you can bank upon Kegel exercises that help in strengthening the pelvic muscles and it is also good for women. These exercises include benefits of tightening the pelvic muscles and making them stronger so that all the activities performed under these muscles (including sexual activities) are great. This may include premature ejaculation.

Spend time in foreplays: If the premature ejaculation is just due to incapability to last long as wanted by sexual partner, simple thing to learn is prolong the foreplay without exposing or allowing your partner to touch or to fondle your organ. This may help in tempting sexual partner and when she is all about to come, you can start your real job!

Practice: Even here, practice makes man perfect! Extend your capability to last. This can be done by building the muscles under control and also to manage your urges accordingly.

Herbs: Herbs such as Shilajit, Ashwagandha, mucuna etc help in overcoming premature ejaculation. You can go for either a single herb or some formula that contains all these herbs.

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