Penis Exercises Work Effectively


If you stretch something over a large time period your body will adjust to the stretching and this in our case results in a better sized penis. Penis size is restricted in both girth and length, by the amount of blood, which the Corpora Cavernosa can contain. The bigger the Corpora Cavernosa becomes, the more blood it can holds and leads to an increase in penis size in both girth and length. Each time you perform these exercise, your penis cells stretches and expands beyond their normal size. During rest days your penis cells heals and grow to larger sizes. Though results come with patience, you can add 1-3 inches to penis size over time.

Though the popular opinion is against it, the resources of penis-enlargement today have become highly refined and you can add size to your penis safely and naturally without resorting to extreme measures like surgery. Penis pumps are dangerous devices even for people who want to achieve an erection, let alone trying to increase the size of your penis using one. The trouble is, as soon as you remove the tube, the penis wants to revert back to its normal size. If you are a novice in penis-enlargement, It is recommend that you start with penis exercises (Penis extenders are OK too, but a quality penis extender such as SizeGenetics costs about $400, which is a serious investment for most of us).

Penis exercises are a method of that involves applying manual pressure on you penis tissues using your hands. What results can you expect from penis exercises. The good news is that unlike these pills, penis exercises can really enlarge your penis although you may need patience. Penis exercises work effectivly and they come with the added bonus of giving you a lot more than a longer, thicker penis: you will also get to understand your body and its reactions better, which will greatly enhance your sex life. Then begin engaging in penis exercises and taking a herbal penis-enlargement pill and you would be amazed at your penis size after a few weeks.

Jelqing has been a popular technique of penis-enlargement for centuries, when Sudanese Arabs discovered that by "milking" their semi-flaccid penis they could make their penis bigger. The most common jelqing method is to make an "OK" symbol with your right hand, then firmly grab the base of your non-erect penis in the OK symbol created between your thumb and forefinger, and steadily work your way down to the penis head. Power jelqing is a technique where you basically squeeze your penis between two powerful rollers that pull and stretch your penis. The recommendation is to always use a warm wet facecloth or towel to wrap around your genitals before the jelqing routine. An alternative to jelqing and power jelqing is penile exercises. The main difference between jelqing and penis exercises is that exercises can focus on certain aspects of penis-enlargement, such as length or girth.

Traction devices and jelqing devices are the deluxe version of penis exercises. Penis traction is the most effective penis-enlargement procedure known to medical science. Using these devices (also called penis stretchers and traction devices) generally yields good results. The device applies a traction force of 600 to 1500 grams on the penis for continued periods of time. Such traction creates an adaptative reaction of the penile tissue components at the structural level, with an increase in cellular multiplication. Though the penis extender is very safe to use due to the extremely controlled manner in which the two extension rods apply the force of traction to the penis, one still has to be careful not to wear the device longer then advised.

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