How To Enlarge Your Penis- Simple Penis Exercises That Will Increase Your Size


There a good portion of men are not content with the size of their penis. This is even more true when their lovers tell them past stories of ex's who were massive. This can lead men to feeling a bit insecure as well as lead to thoughts about what they can do to enlarge their penis.

There have been a few ads on the television usually detailing pills or a pump of some kind that costs a large sum of money and usually doesn't even work. There is not only the fact that they might not work, there is also a chance of negative side effects! Why subject yourself to a loss of money and possible a loss of your health when you can make yourself a lot bigger through penis exercises.

So, what I'm going to do is share with you some methods on how to enlarge your penis.

First let's talk about increasing your girth through penis exercises. Penis milking is the best of the exercises to increase your girth. It is actually fairly close to that of a masturbation stroke, but you do not want an erection, you are not looking to get too aroused. But you do however want a slight erection.

Basically you slide one of your hands up the shaft of the penis with a very firm grip which pushes blood all up your entire erected penis. The width of your erection will increase over a portion of time naturally by using this exercise.

You can also enlarge your penis through these exercises in a similar way. You can actually stretch the ligaments around your penis the same way as those who do stretches so they can perform a split. The stretching of the ligaments can increase the length during an erection. While not erect or hard at all, you grip the head of your penis and pull outwards until it begins to feel uncomfortable.

After stretching it out to a point where it doesn't hurt, hold for 10 seconds then you release it. Perform a few of these penis exercises and in a very short amount of time you will see a difference.

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