The History of Penis Enlargement – Part 1

Penis enlargement has been around for centuries and believe it or not, the earliest mention of penis enlargement dates back to some cave drawings from around 440 BC.

It seems that even throughout history men have been fascinated by the size of the penis and in almost all cultures they have devised ways to enlarge it.The cave drawings that I mentioned show pictures of kings with huge penises bestowing blessing on their towns. Sounds funny but hey this was in 440 BC remember.

I'm sure you have seen statues with giant penises and archaeologists and continually unearthing artefacts and finding examples of leaders and Gods that possess extremely large penises.

Taking all this into consideration it is safe to say that the size of a mans penis has always been an issue.The Egyptian God Geb has always been depicted in paintings thrusting his huge penis into the skin. He is also always pictured with a huge grin on his face (I wonder why).

The Romans honoured Priapus and he was always depicted as having an enormous penis that had a red tip and is most of his pictures he was holding his penis out in front of himself.

There is also King Dihythia of Senegal and his pictures show him sitting naked on his throne with dozens of women kneeling before him trying to touch his humongous penis. These women believe that by touching his penis they would be blessed.

With images like this, it is no wonder that men from all periods of history have taken penis enlargement so seriously and have gone to enormous lengths to expand the size of their penises.These methods range from manually stretching the penis shaft, to hanging weights on the tip and the scrotum. Some reports even go so far as to suggest that some men actually cut a slit down the shaft of their penis to help enlargement.

In all this madness safety and security was sacrificed just so that these men could have a bigger penis.

Throughout history we can read about different tribes and cultures using penis enlargement and Anthropologist Margaret Mead reported that Polynesian men used to stretch their penises by wrapping them in a woven sleeve made from a plant fibre. Once their penis was inside this sleeve a rock or other heavy object was hung from the end of it. Painful I know but they guys were very serious about their penis enlargement.

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