Size Genetics Does It Work? Can you Enlarge your Penis Month 5

Does Sizegenetics work?Does Does Sizegenetics work? Really Work?

My Fifth Month

I’ve ended month five 1/4 of an inch bigger for my Size Genetics program. My penis is now longer for 15/16 of an inch larger in comparison to the time before I started using Size Genetics. I’m only 1/16 of an inch short of getting my penis longer by a full inch! – definitely not bad.

Now I know that my penis is bigger not only because of my tape measure but  because Melanie told me so. It may not have been the biggest she ever had, she said, but it’s surely one of the bigger penis’s she has seen (gotta love that!). Every time she tries to go down on me, I can see she couldn’t take the whole shaft anymore. There’s always about half an inch that she could not take in. That really boosted my ego in a huge way. If I can grow another 1/16 of an inch in one more month (should be No Problem), then that would be pretty amazing. Now I’m up from 6 inches to 6 15/16 inches. Getting to 7 inches would really be awesome. That was my main Goal from the start.

Remember I told you about my terrific orgasms. That seemed to have cooled down a little bit. Man, that was fantastic but at the same time, it was so strange. I’m just glad to be back to having normal orgasms. Did I also tell you that I could be ready to go again almost immediately after having an orgasm? Well That is still going strong the pills advertise that this is the case and also the recovery rate is fantastic I am telling you I love hearing about how sore she is the next day!


5th Month of Does Sizegenetics work?: the Jelq Exercises

I don’t like doing these jelq exercises anymore. They’re just getting really mundane. I’m getting tired of them even though I only spend half an hour each day doing them. All that twisting and pulling is just really draining my energy. But with only a month left I am going to keep on doing these stupid exercises. I promised myself to do all that’s said in the Size Genetics program, so I’ll suck it up, I’ve come this far.


More Notes on Does Sizegenetics work? month 5

All that red paint, by the way, had been coming off and it was all around my bed sheets and my underwear…LOL!(not really funny just dumb on my part) I finally decided to scratch all the paint off the extender about a couple of weeks ago and I spent a hefty thirty minutes doing just that. I guess the extender wasn’t made to be painted. I was just stupid for even trying to do that.

My penis is now hanging very low which makes me think I’ve also gained almost an inch on my penis at its flaccid state. I think I’m going to buy some underwear that can support my penis better tomorrow. I really get uneasy every time it swings around.

I haven’t broken anything this month and that’s a good sign, maybe because I’m more careful now, or am I? I did get a response from Size Genetics through email though that they were sending some extra springs. That’s just wonderful. I don’t have them yet, but the fact that they’re sending me some spare parts without charging extra is really good customer service.

I guess that’s all for now. I’m going to be back next month, hopefully with more good news. I’m pretty happy about my penis enlargement / Does Sizegenetics work regiment and I hope I’ll be happier next month.

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