Top 3 Things you Absolutely Must Have to Get a Bigger Penis!

Many men want a bigger penis but they are not sure how to go about achieving this goal. After all, it's not a subject that can be easily broached with friends and family. When these men turn to the net for information, they are inundated with spam, false promises and out right garbage. The aim of this article is to help men reach their goal of getting a bigger penis. This article focuses on natural, proven penis enlargement and does not touch on surgery, oils, pills and other such methods which are rife with fraud.

If you want to get a bigger penis you must have these 3 things:

1- Get a reputable Traction Device

Traction devices are proven devices that exert gentle pull on the penis over an extended period of time. This traction creates microscopic spaces in the membrane and forces the body to adapt by multiplying cells to fill these spaces. Over time, your penis will grow. The concept of traction has been used for centuries. I am sure that you have seen the pictures of the giraffe women on national geographic. These women use the body's ability to adapt in order to "grow" longer than normal necks. There are other examples as well. Orthopedic surgeons use traction to lengthen bones as well as other parts of the body. As final proof that traction devices work, it should noted that plastic surgeons prescribe these same traction devices to their penis enlargement surgery patients. They are instructed to use the devices to lengthen their penises after surgery as their post-op treatment. When looking for a traction device, make sure that it has been medically tested and that it is made of medical grade materials. You want to make sure that you get the best device that will ensure the quickest and safest gains possible.

2- Start a Penis Exercise Program

These are a series of exercises designed to promote penis growth. They are all-natural and very effective. It has been shown through medical studies that these penis exercises, in tandem with a traction device, will speed and bolster penis growth. These exercises are easy to perform as well as very convenient. Penis exercises to stimulate growth have been around for a long time. Their longevity attests to their effectiveness. A good program will show you exactly how to perform the required exercises. Many such programs offer pictures and clear descriptions that will ensure correct performance, which in turn will ensure maximum results.

3- Bring a good dose of Patience

Regardless of what you have read, penis enlargement takes time. You will not gain three inches in three weeks. IN fact, I suggest that you only measure every 3 weeks. Otherwise you will be disappointed and discouraged. This is the surest way to quit. Penis enlargement works! But it takes time, dedication, and work. There are no magic pills that will give you near instantaneous growth. So if you decide to enlarge your penis, be patient. Do not be like most men that fail at this endeavor. They quit right before they start reaching their goals. Know this! The longer you use the traction device and stick with penis exercises the more significant your gains will be.

There are no secrets to effective penis enlargement. The three things mentioned above will ensure that you reach your goals. You have to have a good traction device, a good penis enlargement exercise plan, and lots of patience. These 3 ingredients will give you the added inches you want!

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