Penis Enlargement : Is It Really Possible To Enlarge Your Penis?

Since time immemorial, men (and maybe even their women) have been obsessed with a bigger manhood. Its seems nothing is big enough for most.

With this obsession comes a desperate search for a remedy - to make a man's penis bigger. But can a man really have a bigger penis than that naturally endowed upon him?

The answer is a surprising YES.

Sure, some may disagree, but it is indeed possible to enlarge the penis, provided you use the correct methods. Penis enlargement, as a science, is still relatively unrecognised. Its even being frowned upon.
But that does not mean that it is impossible.

There is a still a lot things that mainstream medicine does not know and medical doctors will be the first to agree that nature is still a big mystery to men. Take the case of a cancer cure. Doctors swear that cancer is incurable yet there are people who survived cancer without chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Penis enlargement is certainly possible. This has been proven by the countless posts on penis enlargement forums and also emails we received from satisfied clients.

But if you want to enlarge your penis, it is crucial that you use the correct products and methods since there are scams everywhere. How do you know which ones really work? Read on...

So, which penis enlargement methods really do work?

There are several options in penis enlargement and some work better than others. Some are clear scams or hype.

To clear the confusion, we present here the various penile enlargement or enhancement methods available in the market today.

Discover which ones work and which ones don't.

So, here are your various options to make your dream of a bigger penis come true...

You may want to consider these methods:

1. Penile Augmentation (Phalloplasty)
Surgery to lengthen and thicken the penis. Not a recommended option due to the risks involved (surgical failure is common) and its high price. Will set you back a cool $4,750.

2. Penile Traction Devices [ Popular ]
A penile traction device employs the same principle of traction used in orthopedic surgeries. This principle states that when human tissue is exposed to a traction force, it reacts by increasing its size. In the case of the penis traction device, a constant traction force is applied along the length of the penis triggering the growth function of the penis. This increase in the length and girth of the adult penis is said to be permanent. A penile traction device is affordable and reliable although you may need to "wear" for a few hours a day.

3. Penis Enhancement Exercises
Penis enlargement exercises have now been curiously termed "jelqing". They seem to work pretty well for most men. Basically involve stretching the penis as in the case of a penile traction device. But this is a more crude way and some precautions need to be observed so it is not advisable for you to attempt it without proper guide.

4. Penis Enlarging Pills
The penis enlargement pill is perhaps one of the most popular of all options due to its simplicity and convenience. However, pills will never be able to enlarge your manhood on their own. At best, they may give you a longer, harder, fuller erection and thus give the impression of a bigger penis. But this "increase" is not permanent. Pills do help in the enlargement process provided always that you do the enlarging exercises or use a traction device as well.

5. Penis Enlargement Patches
Based on the principles of trans-dermal delivery technology - medication is delivered through the skin of your penis. Again, like pills, patches can't enlarge a man's penis on their own. You still need the exercises or the device for permanent gains.

So, there you have it, the various methods for enlarging a man's penis. Whether you believe it or not, scores of men are benefiting from a bigger manhood by using these methods.
You don't have to remain small all your life.

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