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Does size really matter during lovemaking to attain sexual pleasure? Is there a relation between penis size and sexual satisfaction? Men and women have different opinion and experiences about this. Some women says, size don’t matter at all but the way he make use of his magic wand- the penis, is all that matters to them during lovemaking. Some women prefer bigger penis size to achieve sexual satisfaction. It may sound ridiculous, but some women get aroused with just a sight of a large erect penis. There are also reports that sexual problems are important contributory factor in a break up of long term relationships. So, obviously for some women size really does matter.

Most men on the other hand, prefer bigger penis size for a lot of reasons. Most men feel that they are more masculine and sexy with bigger penis, plus they do not have to be embarrassed in the locker room or shower room. Men also have full confidence that they can satisfy any woman during sexual intercourse with a larger penis.

Penis size and sexual satisfaction plays a very important role to most couples. There are a lot of reasons why women feel sexually satisfied with bigger penis. One is the girth or width of the penis, a wider girth at the base of the penis is more stimulating to the clitoris which is the most sensitive part of a woman. A bigger girth rubbing the clitoris gives women a feeling of fullness, pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Some men prefer longer penis for deep penetration in the vagina to ejaculate. The wide girth to stimulate her clitoris and his ejaculation deep inside her are both rewarding for couples to achieve sexual satisfaction. In this case, there is a relation between penis size and sexual satisfaction.

Although men with smaller penis can also satisfy women through different sexual positions and stimulations because sometimes sex is not only about penis size but it also includes caressing and touching. But still, most men prefer larger penis size. For them penis size and sexual satisfaction is like a package that should always be together.

If you believe that penis size and sexual satisfaction are important in your sex life then there are ways to enhance your penis size.