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What Can Promote Strong Sexual Health


 It is a fact of these modern times that stress, diet and lifestyle have all played a role in affecting a man’s libido. Forums will often have men asking how to get better ejaculatory control so they can please their partners better, in pursuit of that alpha male standard. Plus, women also seem to be more demanding and exacting in bed.

Some men actually face up to a multitude of sexual dysfunctions and challenges. However, even the best ejaculation control exercises can’t help a man if his real problem is his testosterone levels.

Sex Food Diet:

Testosterone starts dipping when a man reaches his 30s. A poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle also exacerbates the dip. Of course, exhaustion, stress, and performance anxiety, all facilitate the decrease in levels as well. Contrary to popular opinion, however, masturbation does not lower testosterone levels, but chronic masturbation can result in exhaustion, lower back pain and testicular pain aside from a seriously fatigued arm. And it may affect one’s performance in bed as a man gets accustomed to climaxing fast, or only when he’s using his hand. Plus, even the best penis may not rise to the occasion if it’s overused.

So aside from making lifestyle changes to boost your testosterone levels and improve your game in bed, like stopping or at least reducing your smoking and alcohol-intake, getting enough rest, losing weight and building muscle, you can also eat right for better sex.

Sex Food Do List:

Do avoid fatty foods because aside from making you fat, they result in artery blockage and cardiovascular problems is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunctions.

Do avoid sweet and salty foods, as these are linked to diabetes which often results in a sorry erection and may result in retrograde ejaculation.

Do drink more milk (low-fat) for the L-Carnitine in it that increases sperm production and speed. Red meat is also rich in L-Carnitine but white meat is a healthier option if you want to remain healthy and fit.

Do eat more fish because they are rich in Omega-3 which facilitates nervous function and circulation. Salmon and mackerel are good examples.

Do eat more fruits and vegetables. Get your sweets and crunch fix from them as they are rich in antioxidants and fiber that will rid your body of toxins and boost your immunity.  

Do eat more fiber. Nuts and sesame seeds, oatmeal, granola, green and root vegetables are all rich in L-Arginine which is a natural sperm enhancer.

Do try supplements, instead of drugs. Consult a doctor about taking Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium supplements. Also, you may consult them about taking supplements with ginseng, ginkgo biloba, tongkat ali and gotu kola.

As one site puts it, any food that is good for the heart is good for the penis. The same is true for activities. Eating right for better sex can only go a long way if you also make the lifestyle changes mentioned previously.

Maintaining a healthy level of testosterone for men is also important not just because of virility but also because it is linked to muscle and bone mass, strength, hair growth and immunity. So start making the changes necessary to enjoy life better... and be able to deliver when your woman keeps begging for more with sex food.

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  1. James

    #1 I try to jelq every morning in the shower, however some days it just isnt possible. But once daily is common
    #2 you will notice you penis swelling from the increased blood flow and stay more flaccid throughout the next few hours
    #3 I wouldnt perform more than 1 exercise per day I would master them all and rotate
    #4 when you stop it will stay

  2. There are some questions
    1. When you exercise Exercise Jelqing And hold Is continued daily along the week without a day of rest?
    2. What are the signs I was doing Baltren correctly?
    3. To take advantage I practice the exercise and only one, or see another such exercise Exercise Power Stretch?
    4. When you stop exercise, you return the penis to the size of the former. Or it must always continue?
    Thank you for help and wait for the reply

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