Penis Enlargement – The Absolute Truth


What man wouldn't want to add another inch or two to his penis? I'm sure you've all been hit by countless amounts of spam emails telling you that you can have a King-Kong size penis all for the low, low price of $27!
Well let's cut straight through the sales hype and get right to the truth, is penis enlargement possible or not? Well the answer to that is yes, but it's not as perfect as you would imagine. Some techniques aren't permanent, and when I say they aren't permanent, I mean they may well only last for a few minutes! Which I'm sure you would agree is pretty much useless.
There are basically three different forms of penis enlargement, starting with exercises and devices such as jelqing and penis pumps, pills and patches, and the more expensive enlargement surgery.
So let's start by taking a look at devices and exercises. When I said that a lot of techniques are non-permanent, on the top of that list would be penis pumps. These devices are generally up there on the laugh-o-meter with blow up sex dolls and cheap wigs. But apart from that they do actually work, well for a little while anyway.
Vacuum penis pumps work by sealing the penis inside a tube which has had the surrounding air removed. The pressure built up inside the tube will draw the blood and lymphatic fluid into the shaft of the penis which inflates it. To stop the penis from returning to its normal size after the pump has been removed, a constrictive ring has to be fitted to the base of the penis.
Now in comes the problem associated with vacuum pumps, the penis will stay this size for a mere few minutes. So for all the hassle and embarrassment you will gain an enlarged penis for a few minutes. That's not to mention the dangers with vacuum pumps, such as burst blood vessels and nerve damage to the penis.
So let's take a look at a natural way of enlarging the penis, commonly known as jelqing. Jelqing is very similar to masturbation, but unlike masturbation the idea is not to allow your penis to become erect, which is quite a hard task, no pun intended.
Jelqing is basically a form of massaging the penis, which supposedly recruits penis growth through forcing blood into the shaft of the penis, much like a vacuum pumping; this expands the penile tissues which in turn stimulate the production of tissue building proteins. So how is jelqing performed?
1. The penis is warmed through with the application of hot cloths.

2. The penis is stretched for a few minutes.

3. Lotion (or warm olive oil, if you're a traditionalist) is applied to the hand and penis.

3. When the penis is tumescent (but not hard) the penis is squeezed at the base betwixt the thumb and forefinger and moved distally along the shaft forcing blood into the erectile chambers.

5. Repeat step 4 for fifteen minutes.
Does jelqing work I hear you cry? Well it's not proven, but it cannot be denied that hundreds of men have achieved results from this massaging technique. I would say though, that these gains are not an overnight success, this technique will take some time before you will see any results, if any at all.
What about pills and patches?
Go to your email inbox and see if you have spam email from some magic penis enlargement pill company, I guarantee you'll find one. As much as these emails and the other forceful marketing techniques, used by the companies that sell these magic beans get on our nerves, they do actually work, temporarily that is. But if it's only temporary gains you're after, which would you rather pop a pill or sit there pumping up your penis? I'll leave that one up to you.
Pills and patches have two mechanisms, hormone stimulation and vasodilation. Hormone stimulation pills work by increasing the level of androgens such as testosterone, which increase the male sex drive, which supposedly results in harder and longer erections.
Vasodilators work by temporarily expanding blood vessels in the penis, which then allows more blood to flow into the penis, creating a bigger looking penis.
If you do decide to go this route, don't get too mixed up in the pill Vs patches debate. They're basically just two different forms of delivery, except that patches deliver the medication instantly, whereas with pills which need to be digested can take a short period of time before you will see results.
What about surgery?
Your penis is actually bigger than you might think! Yes that's right, you have about one or two more inches underneath the skin. If you follow the shaft of your penis down you can feel where it is attached to the pubic arch. So therefore your penis is rooted lower than from the area it emerges.
The shaft is attached to the pubic arch by suspensory ligaments. The penis enlargement surgery entails severing these ligaments so that the penis falls forward out of the body. This form of penis enlargement if successful, will give the impression of being longer when it is flaccid, while it is erect however you will not see any gains in size.
What are the downsides and dangers of penis enlargement surgery?
Well apart from the obvious dangers of any type of surgery, there is actually a risk that you could fall victim to penis shortening! Ouch that's the exact opposite of what you would want. Because the body immediately wants to repair itself, therefore scar tissue is formed, thus pulling the severed tissues together.
This is stopped by placing a permanent spacer in between the penis and the pubis. Another less than perfect risk is that your penis will exit lower than down your abdomen which will give the impression that your penis is coming out of your testicles.
Another obvious problem is that because the penis isn't as anchored to the body as it once was, when it becomes erect it will pivot in a weird way, and it will not stick up, it will be more horizontal.
Well there's the absolute honest truth, take from this what you will. But always remember that there are the more unscrupulous companies out there just trying to earn a quick buck from your discomfort, so whatever route you decide to go, remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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