A Guide To The Best Three Penis Extenders Part 1


Penis extenders are one option in the highly competitive natural male enhancement market. Penis extenders maybe the right option for you as penis extenders over a course of several months naturally extend the size of the penis in both the length and even girth. There are several options in this fast growing market and choosing the right one for you maybe difficult.
To help men everywhere rigorous testing took place on the most popular and successful penis extenders in the male enhancement market. The testing was thorough and involved several testers who over a four month period participated and filled in detailed records of their experiences and the results of four months of use of their penis extenders.
Each penis extender after the four month period was given a score out of hundred that took into account such parameters as ease of use, comfort when wearing the penis extending device to the most important reason for wearing the penis extender originally and that is o bring about an increase in penis size.
The results were fascinating some of the high end penis extenders that retailed at over $1000 dollars didn't even come in the top three. The third place penis extender was one of the cheapest penis extenders on the market.
The Euro Extender SE (Special Edition)

Score 74/100
The Euro Extender comes in a variety of models but the best value for money was the Euro Extender Special Edition. It uses super silicone straps as a patented method of traction and has won awards for it design.
Testers found this penis stretcher to be easy to use. After the first couple of days it was commented on as hassle free part of the testers' daily routine. The specially designed ring of plastic is placed around the base of the penis and a plastic and silicone holder is fastened around the penis head.
Then between the ring of plastic and the holder two metal rods are attached applying tension of between 1.5 and 3.5 lbs. The whole apparatus was easily adjustable to suit anyone's needs and painless to increase as your penis extends through the use of this male enhancement product.
The Euro Extender SE works by the principle that if a certain part of the body is exposed to a constant, permanent stretch, the cells in this area begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass. The enlargement will consequently happen in both the length and width (girth) of the penis.
The Euro Extender SE can be worn day or night for as long or short periods as you feel comfortable (though for minimum of two hours a day is recommended). The testers wore the penis stretcher for 10 hours a day for four months.
The Euro Extender Special Edition offers great results and all the testers who used it were truly impressed by the results. In conclusion the Euro Extender Special Edition was successful in increasing both penis length and girth.
The second best penis extender is:-
The X4 Starter Kit

Score 82/100
The X4 Extender is one of the cheapest penis extenders on the market.Testers were simply amazed by this bit of kit. There is a X4 Gold Edition comes in several different options but the basic option proved as succesful in trials as more expensive options. It offers comfort and support and from the first use and is easy to put on and felt comfortable to wear. Testers remarked that he often forgot that he had the penis extender on!
With the second most effective penis extension device on the market, X4 Labs competitive advantage is their ability to provide unequivocal support and help users with their treatment programs. Each client is recognized and treated as a patient ensuring the most efficient treatment program available. The purchase of the X4 Labs wasn't the end of the company's involvement in ensuring the best results for you.
With a variety of men, regardless of social standing or walk of life, experiencing penile physical and psychological issues; the X4 Labs Penis Enlarger at an affordable price allows the product to be in the reach of all men. X4 Labs state of the art product is engineered to medical standards using all medical grade materials.
Participants found this product to give superior results from one of the cheapest priced penis extenders on the market with every tester said that they were satisfied with their results.
The X4 Starter Kit retails led to upto a 1.5 inch improvement in penis length of tester and was also successful in increasing girth of the entire test group (please note that most women find girth more important than length when looking the perfect penis).
Now For The Best Penis Extender On The Market

The Andropenis

Score 92/100
After the four month study the Andropenis was still working. The treatment can take up to 8 months. It was the highest scoring in testing in the comforts stakes with some of the testers using it for up to 12 hours a day (although this isn't recommended they forgot they were wearing the Andropenis).
The Andropenis is a traction device used to enlarge the penis. This enlargement in penis size occurs due to the reaction capacity of tissues of the male member to experience cellular multiplication when they are subjected to a continuous force of traction (in other words using gentle force to pull the penis the Andropenis leads to an overall increase in penis size).
The principle of traction is used in plastic surgery for tissue expansion. The regeneration of new tissue is used to cover cutaneous defects, burns, and areas of hair loss. It is also used in orthopaedic surgery to enlarge the length of bones and phalanges.
In ancient cultures this principle of traction is used to enlarge different parts of the body, like the neck of the Giraffe women of the Paduang tribe in Burma, or the lips and ears of other African and Amazonian tribes. They attach prothesises or weights for elongation.
Forget about the science you should see the results. After one tester had finished the whole course (8 months) found his penis was 1.7 inches longer than previous. This has been a delight to his wife who loves the feel of my extra length and girth.
If you don't believe the results then the makers of Andropenis offer three guarantees.
-A medical guarantee

Since it is approved by the Health Authorities of the European Union, and is registered at the Spanish Ministry of Health. It holds the CE Certification that classifies it as a Type 1 medical device, which excludes any side effect, both on the short and on the long term.
-A guarantee based on results.

If in 2 months you cannot get used to the device or the treatment, you do not like it or you have no satisfactory result, you will get your money back excluding expenses.
-A Scientific Guarantee

Since very prestigious urologists at the international level have carried out scientific studies that prove an effectiveness of 97.5% in all testing.
In conclusion
After looking into the Andropenis which has been a popular penis extender in Eastern Europe but is now finding a large following in the West it is found to be such a favourite for comfort and the overall increase in girth and length with less than 2% men who purchase the Andropenis looking for their money back.
The feed-back from men of all walks of life, every age, colour and background has been very positive. with many men's partners saying positive comments for giving their men confidence in the bedroom and the women greater satisfaction.
There are so many different male enhancement options on the market it is hard to choose the right one for you. Penis extenders off the wearer a chance to over the course of a period of months to safely under go penis enlargement that is both safe and also provides life long results.

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