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  Size Does Matter ?......


      When considering whether they should buy male enhancement or penis extension products, some guys may ask themselves, “Is it really worth it?”  After all, many women claim that, in the (ahem) big scheme of things, size doesn’t really matter.

     Well Fellas, speaking as a woman, allow me to let you in on a little secret:  We’re lying. Now don’t get me wrong; size is not all that matters in a sexual relationship.  A big penis is no replacement for smooth, gentle hands, soft lips, a listening ear; those characteristics that women need and seek out in their lovers.  And make no mistake, most of us are not expecting a lover of Ron Jeremy-ish proportions; quite the contrary, over endowed men can cause their lovers pain during the act of penetration.

     At the same time, a woman does appreciate a lover whose endowments are (ahem) substantial; and for a variety of reasons.

     Men of a certain size have the capacity to fill and fulfill a woman.  They have the power and girth needed to reach her most intimate places, delivering a rare brand of satisfaction that is generally only reachable through the use of sex toys.

     And speaking of toys; have you ever noticed that most dildos and vibrators are substantial in size?  This is no accident.  When women seek satisfaction from adult toys, they generally go for the largest model available, and will pay out top dollars for this merchandise.  And many women claim to derive more satisfaction from their toys than they do their real-life lovers.  Are you starting to see the connection between size and satisfaction?

     It’s almost a certainty, then, that a well-endowed man is more likely to satisfy his wife or lover.  Yet what if you’re a single guy, just looking to have a good time?  Does size make a difference in this situation?  In a few words, YES, YES, YES! 🙂

     Think about it.  If a man is well-endowed, his sizable proportions are likely to become the stuff of social legend.  Women talk among themselves about the size and abilities of their lovers, and a man who has size will go places on the social scene.

     Also keep in mind that many women do fantasize about men of a certain size.  The pages of beefcake magazines are filled with well-endowed gents; and most adult film heart throbs (of the male variety, that is) can boast quite a few inches to their name.  It’s true that many of the most popular male stars also boast handsome faces, six pack abs, and impressive techniques (both acting and otherwise)—ah, but size doesn’t hurt.

     Privately, many women rhapsodize about their favorite mainstream movie stars; imagining their size.  That’s why so many ladies are willing to pay top dollar for nude photos and racy films featuring their favorite big screen hunks.

     No, Gents, size isn’t everything.  On the other hand, well-endowed men have a definite advantage when it comes to wooing and winning the ladies. If you’d like to join them, try visiting a Penis Enlargement product reviews site to learn more information about male enhancement  that could revitalize your love life.  What are you waiting for?  A whole new world of pleasure awaits.