How To Choose Between Penis Surgery, Penis Pumps and Extenders


Male enhancement is a billion dollar industry and its only getting bigger and bigger - this shows how highly men value their sexual virility and performance. And so it is that penis enlargement companies and surgeons are making a lot of money. But what about the consumer? What does this market growth mean in terms of customer satisfaction and safety?
Lets see what the most hyped products are on the market and how they rank on ease of use, safety and effectiveness. Here is some information on these methods so you can decide which one is right for you.
1. The most popular method for men with money to spend is surgery.
Some of the techniques used to enlarge the penis through surgery include cutting the ligaments that hold the penis to the body to add length and injecting fat from other parts of the body around the penis to make it look thicker.
Following the advice of surgeons and undergoing surgery, some men have experienced some nasty side effects including deformities requiring new operations to fix them as well as scarring, shorter penises instead of gaining length, pubic hair growing in weight places on the penis, floppy low hanging penis, loss of feeling and strange bumps from fat clumping up under the skin.
Then theres the issue of cost. The typical penis surgery costs anywhere from $4,000 to about $10,000 and that does not count the future surgeries you might need for fixing post operative problems mentioned above. Penis augmentation surgery is also not covered by insurance so you have to pay for everything yourself.
Surely there must be a better option.
2. Penis pills, penis patches, creams, gels, lotions, etc
Dont even bother with these methods. While some plants can help you gain a harder erection, none of them can make your penis permanently longer or thicker. Also some of these plants and herbs are dangerous and are banned by the FDA like Yohimbe.
I would advice not to waste your money on this stuff but if you feel you must try these herbal methods at least once, try paying by check or wire payment to avoid getting charged by shady marketers for something you do not want.
3. Penis pumps, penis extenders and other traction devices.
Recently penis pumps are trying to get a piece of the success that the traction device has seen in terms of safety and effectiveness. The confusion comes from the many penis enlargement review sites that combine penis pumps, traction devices and jelqing devices all on one page. This makes it tough to know which one to choose.
Penis pumps and Vagina Pump are not safe, unlike the newer penis extender. Penis pumps also cost too much and do not deliver permanent gains like a penis extender can. Just like pills and gels, you can use a penis enlargement vacuum pump to gain a harder erection but you have to be careful as its very easy to rupture fine blood vessels running throughout the penile tissue. This is the last thing you want.
Penis enlargement traction devices, or penis extenders are excellent tools to add extra inches to your penis length and girth. You still have to be careful and take your time with a penis extender. You will be safe if you follow the manuals program for gains and do the exercises if your device comes with any.
Some devices of course work better than others and some penis enlargement companies put more background research and testing into their product to create better and more efficient devices.
Picking a penis enlargement device or herbal product for you gets easier as you learn about what these products do. Now that you know what these products do, you should find it much easier to get the bigger penis you want.

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