Free Penis Exercises – Feel The Burn! Wait, That Sounds Bad..


Want to know the best free penis exercises to make your penis grow?  Here is a little taste and there is a free website you can go to at the bottom of my article.

Penis exercises are nothing new.  People have been doing these for ages.  And just like working out your muscles, they do work.  But the same thing holds true with your penis as it does with your muscles - you have to stick to a routine and keep doing it!

Nothing happens overnight.  You can't work out for one week and get huge muscles and you can't do penis exercises for a week and expect a huge one.  It takes time, but you do see results faily quickly.  With me, it only took a week to notice gains, maybe even a couple days less than that. 

I used to play in a band and go on tour.  One tour, I started doing these exercises in the van with a week left to go.  By the time I got home, my penis was noticably larger, both flacid and erect.  My wife (girlfriend at the time) was pleasantly surprised when I got home!

There are a few exercises that help increase penis girth and length.  The girth exercise can be done virtually anywhere at any time, but the length exercises should be done at home.  You have to use lube and get a half boner, while the girth exercises involve flexing your PC muscle.

If you would like an accurate description of these top penis exercises for absolutely free, just click the links below to visit the website where I learned them!

Remember, keep at it and you will DEFINITELY see results.  I am now just under 8 inches and I am going to make it there soon...

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