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How much size matters to women

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9:11 pm
August 3, 2010



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I'm in battle with myself over how many women size matters to. I've posted before that I would guess something like 5% very important(size queens), 20% important, 50% matters but not important, and 25% doesn't matter.

I set up a poll recently called On Size Matters and How Important. Only 3 others of the 33 votes agreed with me in general. It really has got me to thinking. Of the 12 or so women I've been with only at most two women did it seem size might not matter at all. But even with these two there was some reason to believe I could be mistaken in believing this.

Several women here have posted that size does matter, just not to the extent many men think it does. DW has posted stating that even when a woman says size doesn't matter at all, there are times she just hasn't had a big one yet. Of course it goes without saying he probably better be able to use it well. Add what DW say to the fact that some women are going to lie to keep from hurting men, then just how many women does that leave that really don't care at all? Anna has stated she thinks 8x6 is the ideal size, but anna also does a good job trying to point out that it still doesn't matter to her like us guys would think. I think I recall other female posts here where bigger sizes were also said to be ideal.

I've usually just shook off my personal experiences as having a lot to do with bad luck in having met women who almost always cared at least some about size. Based on what the ladies here say, added to what my expereinces say, and seeing that only 3 people agreed with me—I feel I have a clearer thought on this whole issue:

Combined, size matters to almost all women: Broken down, most women it matters to some degree; is important to some women, and very important to a few women , but also doesn't matter to a few women.
The ones it matters only to some degree to are the ones we get those damn mixed signals from. If this woman finds other qualities about you attractive, then she probably isn't even going to think about your size- At least not nearly like guys think she will. Since size isn't an important issue with her, many other factors in the relationship play a more important role.

Bottom line to all my rambling is I'm adjusting my thoughts some. Where I use to be willing to say that 25% of women don't care at all, based on reassessing all the information, I now believe it's probably more like 5% don't really care at all.

Don't want to put nice pretty rounded %s on all this, but it gives a ballpark figure of what I'm thinking.
>80% matters some but depends on relationship how much (one night stands size matters more because fewer important relationship factors are influencing)
>10% important, but can be overcome in a great relationship
>5% very important, you had better be swinging a big bat
>5% really truly doesn't matter, don't give it a second thought

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