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1/2 inch in one month – only 5 minutes/day

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9:14 pm
August 3, 2010



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Post edited 9:15 pm – August 3, 2010 by James

Disclaimer: or 1/8 inch, depending 😉

I almost always gain length briefly after stretching or hanging. Which fascinates me: the tissue has that potential, and it reveals it after even a short session. But it only moves permanently to that new length over time.

Which raised a question: if I did nothing more than five minutes a day, could that daily 'reminder' and nothing more make a difference?

Since I'm pushing toward a emotional inch number, 7.5, I measured in millimeters. They also provide smaller increments for better accuracy. I have been measuring for a very long time, so my measurements should be pretty consistent, but as you'll see that wasn't the case.

I charted the before and after measurements, and to my surprise they seem to be trending up (see attached image). The 'after' looks like it's leveling out, but another month will tell. I 'rounded' the graph once and then some more to see if it helped make a pattern clearer. The pattern would indeed be much clearer but for the first measurement, which I'm almost certain was erroneous. It appears that I might have gained 1/8 inch in a month, which certainly ain't bad for 2-1/2 hours work. Whether it sticks, of course, I'm yet to see.

(In case you aren't familiar, I 'got my inch' 13 years ago and have had only very minor gains since, despite several attempts).

I did millimeter measurements using the 'dead stretch' I developed long ago, a flaccid measurement that very closely approximates BPEL without the need for a hard-on.

Here it gets interesting. Being a measurement freak, I also did flaccid measures in inches. From my original 3" long ago I got to 4.25" (a very happy event for me!), then 4.5" and occasionally, like when I've really got to pee, it got longer, but 4.5 has pretty much been the norm. However, toward the end of the month, I noticed that the norm had increased 1/2 inch. Now it's perfectly normal to see 5" before doing anything. Again, whether that sticks is yet to be seen.

More interesting, however, is that I had NEVER had a flaccid 6" measurement, and after a month I see that afterward. (Very awesome to see my flaccid dick as long – and probably as thick – as it used to be erect!)

Maybe it's all in my head, but it's a different enough approach (at least I think; I haven't read all 1.5 million posts here) that it seemed worth sharing.

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